Economic Incentives

Economic Incentives

Businesses contribute to the vitality and strength of our Village and Glen Ellyn aims to be a welcoming place for businesses. We welcome the opportunity to discuss business and development opportunities within the Village and the incentives that may enable desirable economic development.

The referenced incentives are not inclusive and use of any incentive is at the sole discretion of the Village Board. All requests for incentives will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and upon the merits of each situation. Meeting policy guidelines does not guarantee assistance and the approval or denial of one project shall not set a precedent for approval or denial of other projects. It is the Village's intention to provide the minimum amount of assistance necessary to make the project viable while carefully considering the long-term financial and community impacts. 

  • View Economic Incentive Guidelines HERE.

Award Programs

The Glen Ellyn Economic Development Department coordinates the business awards and incentives offered by the Village. The Village of Glen Ellyn manages three business award programs:

  • Downtown Retail Interior Improvement Award Program for new and expanding downtown retailers & restaurants.
  • Commercial Façade Improvement Award Program which assists property owners and tenants Village-wide with their exterior appearance projects.
  • Fire Prevention Award Program which assists businesses and property owners with meeting life safety code improvements.
  • Downtown Beautification Award Program assists businesses within the Central Business District TIF to supplement exterior improvements not covered by the Façade Improvement Award Program.
  1. Downtown Interior Improvement
  2. Commercial Facade Improvement
  3. Fire Prevention
  4. Downtown Beautification

Downtown Retail Interior Improvement Award

The Downtown Retail Interior Improvement Award Program in February 2009 as an incentive tool for recruiting targeted retailers and retaining growth retailers in the downtown commercial districts. The program offers financial assistance for permanent interior improvements in the form of an award up to $30,000. Interior improvement assistance provides the following benefits:

  • Improves our competitive edge with other communities for recruitment success
  • Awards businesses for their investment into commercial buildings
  • Serves as a direct means to partner with new and expanding retailers and property owners
  • Leverages private investment for higher quality interior improvements

Download the Retail Interior Improvement Award Program Application Packet (PDF).

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