Overnight Village Street Parking

Parking is not permitted overnight on Village streets from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. If you do park on the street overnight, your car may be ticketed. Exceptions can be made for special circumstances by contacting the Police Department at 630-469-1187.

Downtown Parking Options

The Village of Glen Ellyn has eight parking lots available for use in the downtown area that includes permit, lease, meter, or pay-as-you-park options.  

  • Commuter Parking - Parking options for individuals who commute into the Village for business and/or to access the Glen Ellyn Metra Train Station. There are permit and pay-as-you-park options available to these individuals. The current waitlist period is three years for a first available permit space, and seven years for a parking lot space adjacent to the train station. Please download and complete the Parking Waitlist Application (PDF). Commuters may also register for a motorcycle parking permit via the Motorcycle, Scooter, Moped Parking Application (PDF).
  • Customer Parking- Parking options for individuals who visit the downtown to shop, eat, or play. 
    • Free on-street parking, and pay-as-you-go parking meters are available for customer parking. 
    • The Glen Ellyn Parking Garage (located directly behind the Civic Center at 535 Duane Street) offers free 3-hour customer parking on the ground level and second floor. Free public parking is available throughout the entire garage after 3 p.m. daily and all day on weekends. Please note that there is no parking from 2 a.m. – 6 a.m., except by overnight permit. 
  • Merchant/Employee Parking - Parking options for individuals who work in the downtown commercial district. There are permit parking options available to these individuals.
    • Blue Dot Parking offers employees of the downtown business district to park in designated areas at a reduced rate while they are at work. Blue Dot permit holders are exempt from posted time restrictions in the Blue Dot zones. The permit is $50 per year. Please download and complete the Application for Blue Dot Permit


Parking LocationResident Annual*Non-Resident Annual*Merchant Annual*
Train Station (permit)$400Unavailable$200
Civic Center (permit)$400Unavailable$200
Park Montclair (permit)$350UnavailableN/A
Pennsylvania (permit, meter)$350Unavailable$175
Crescent (permit, meter)$350Unavailable$175
Parking MetersVariableVariableVariable
Pay-As-You-Park (Duane/Lorraine)$2 per day$2 per day$2 per day
Duane/Glenwood (permit)$350UnavailableN/A

*Requires renewal every year in order to maintain parking and/or permit

Pay a Parking Citation Online

The option is available to pay your Village parking citation online here

Contest a Parking Violation by Mail

The Village of Glen Ellyn allows citizens to contest parking violations by mail, in lieu of appearing in person at the scheduled hearing date for the violation. 

Download and complete the Request for Administrative Review form.  Return the completed form, along with copies of any documentation you may have to support your argument.  Do not send original documents; nothing will be returned. This must be mailed to:

Glen Ellyn Police Department
Attn: Records/Traffic Compliance Administrator
65 S. Park Blvd.
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

All paperwork must be postmarked or received at the Police Department, no later than three business days prior to the Administrative Hearing.  Requests will not be accepted after that time and continuances will not be granted if the request arrives late.   Emails are not accepted.

All materials will be reviewed by the Hearing Officer on the day of the Administrative Hearing. A notice will be sent to the petitioner via US mail after the Hearing Officer enters a finding.   

Any findings of liability will include a $10 court fee in addition to the original fine amount.