Public Education

Person in fire dog costume with kids
  1. Fire Administrator
    Phone: 630-469-5265

Fire Drills

Fire drills are conducted annually at all elementary schools within the Village of Glen Ellyn. School administrators can contact the fire company to arrange a day & time for the drills.


Tours may be scheduled during normal business hours at both fire stations. Crews are available at station 61 on odd days and at station 62 on even days. Contact us to schedule a tour.

Community Outreach

Firefighters and paramedics meet with students, scouts and other local groups. Presentations are geared toward the age level of the participants and cover a variety of fire safety topics. Contact us to schedule a visit.

Special Events

As a volunteer fire company, our firefighters have limited availability outside of normal business hours. Crews will attend special community events, when possible, such as Safety Village, block parties and local athletics.