Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

The Village of Glen Ellyn’s Strategic Plan provides a clear vision for the community over the next several years. The Glen Ellyn Village Board agreed to proceed with the 2020 to 2022 Strategic Plan, which it had developed in planning sessions held in 2019. During these sessions, the Board & Senior Staff drafted the organization’s vision, mission and values to guide their work. A set of strategic initiatives and a detailed action plan was identified.

Plan Overview

The plan consists of five strategic priorities— the issues of greatest importance to the  Village over the next three years. Associated with each priority is a set of desired outcomes, key outcome indicators, and performance targets, describing expected results and how the results will be measured. The plan also includes strategic initiatives that will be undertaken to achieve the targeted outcomes.

The five strategic priorities include: 

  • Financial Stability
  • Development
  • Effective Governance
  • Workforce & Operations
  • Infrastructure

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