Dining Guide for Glen Ellyn

The Village of Glen Ellyn has strived to support local restaurants during the COVID-19 pandemic by expanding dining options to include outdoor sidewalk café seating, restaurant seating on the public streets, the installation of tents and heaters, and permitting private property seating in parking lots.

Outdoor Dining

The Village is extending the end date for in-street dining to November 9. The Village's Main Street tent will be removed after this date to prepare for snow/ice clearing activities. 

To further extend outdoor dining options, the Village is working closely with restaurants to offer the option of continuing outdoor seating on private property and on public sidewalks through November 30. Be sure to check with dining establishments about what they currently offer.

Outdoor Tent on Main Street

Curbside Pick-Up

curbside signDesignated curbside pick-up locations are available throughout the downtown. Customers should look for the designated signs or check with local businesses on the best location to park for curbside orders.

Glen Ellyn Good Eats: Great Food Awaits

To view a full map of over 30 restaurants in the downtown, broken down by your favorite cuisine, visit here.

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Interactive Restaurant Map

View an interactive map of Glen Ellyn for your dining needs. While navigating the map, use the search bar to locate a restaurant to see its hours and services offered including delivery, carryout, Grubhub, etc.

restaurant map

Glen Ellyn To Go Facebook

Glen Ellyn To GoJoin the Glen Ellyn To Go Facebook page to see reviews and daily specials of local restaurants. 

Plus, participate in "Wine, Dine & Win" - Order from any Glen Ellyn restaurant, post your food or cocktail photo on the Glen Ellyn To Go Facebook page and be entered in a weekly drawing for a $50 gift card.

Parking in Downtown

Park by the Path

Planning for a longer visit in the downtown? Remember to “Park by the Path” and utilize the six parking lots along the Prairie Path for convenient parking. View the map HERE.

Park by the Path

Look for Free Customer Parking Banners

Residents and visitors to the downtown will notice new banners, directing motorists to free parking. 

flag banner

Interactive Parking Map

The Village of Glen Ellyn offers an interactive parking map to easily locate parking choices and information for customer parking throughout the central business district.  

Business Information and Guidelines

In May 2020, the Village of Glen Ellyn temporarily modified the outdoor dining regulations in order to assist restaurants during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As of Friday, October 23, 2020, Region 8 which encompasses DuPage and Kane Counties, and includes Glen Ellyn, are under new mitigation requirements due to worsening COVID-19 metrics in the region. These restrictions include no indoor dining or bar service and restrictions on group sizes with a limit of no more than 25 people or no more than 25% of room capacity.

October 23, 2020 Update to Restaurants: If you anticipate any changes to your existing Temporary Private Property seating and tents, you are required to resubmit a dimensioned site plan showing all proposed alterations/additions to Community Development for approval and inspection. If you plan on adding another tent on private property a new submission is required.

Temporary Private Property Seating and Tent Information