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Posted on: July 29, 2020

Police Warn Residents of Current Scams

fraud alert

Increase in Ruse Burglaries

There is typically an increase in the number of ruse burglaries and scams in Glen Ellyn during the summer months. These crimes are often being committed by career criminals specializing in ruse entries and home repair fraud. As of recent, the Glen Ellyn Police Department has received reports from residents of suspicious persons claiming to be from the water department, a tree trimming service or a utility worker. 

These ploys often begin with the offenders creating an excuse to enter the victim’s home. They will enter the home using the ploy of checking something (water pressure, fuses, pipes) while one offender keeps the homeowner occupied, one or more additional offenders enter the home undetected and commit a burglary.

The Glen Ellyn Police Department urges residents to be observant of their surroundings and report suspicious persons or activities when they are occurring. If you are approached by someone purporting to be a worker needing to enter your house, do not let them in without first contacting the utility company, Village or the police. By requesting identification from the worker you may prevent yourself from becoming a victim by showing the offender that you are alert to the possibility that they are not who they claim to be.

Identity Theft Cases Involving IDES and Unemployment Benefit Fraud

The Glen Ellyn Police Department is warning the community of an Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) scam where residents receive unemployment debit cards in the mail they never requested.

An individual who has not filed an unemployment claim but has received a debit card or an unemployment insurance (UI) finding letter in the mail has most likely been the target of fraud. An individual’s personal identifying information is being used by fraudsters to file an unemployment claim is likely due to a prior cyber hack or data breach, such as the Equifax breach. 

It is imperative that individuals take the following steps if they have not filed an unemployment claim and have erroneously received an unemployment debit card or UI finding letter in the mail: 

  • Immediately call IDES at 800.814.0513 and when prompted:
    • Select the English or Spanish language option
    • Selection option 1 for claimants
    • Selection option 5 to report identity theft
  • Do not activate the debit card that was mailed to you.
  • Have your credit report checked for possible suspicious activity and post a fraud alert.
  • Visit the Federal Trade Commission’s website to learn helpful tips on recognizing and reporting identity theft. 

For more information, visit the IDES website.