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Downtown Business Employee Parking
To view the Village of Glen Ellyn Downtown Parking brochure with parking map, CLICK HERE. The Village promotes shopper convenience in the downtown through "Customers First" parking rules which make on-street parking spaces exclusively available for customer use only. The on-street spaces are FREE with an extended 3-hour limit to promote both dining and shopping in the same visit. Village rules prohibit downtown business employees from parking on downtown streets. There are a variety of options for downtown employee parking.

Employee Parking Useful Tips

New Businesses: New business owners should consider and plan for their employee parking needs before opening. Review the information below and contact the Village Cashier's Office at 630-547-5235 with any questions.
Loading and Unloading: A 15-minute grace period is allowed for business owners to use on-street parking spaces normally reserved for customer use only to load and unload materials. Keep the vehicle emergency flashers on to signal the temporary usage of customer parking.
Parking Enforcement: The Police Department enforces parking meter use and parking time limits Monday through Saturday, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. Parking meters in the South Main Lot are enforced Monday through Saturday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. All other times are FREE.
FREE Parking After 11 am: Parking is FREE after 11:00 am Monday through Friday and all day on the weekends in permit lots surrounding the train station, and in the far western portion of the lot behind the fire station. Look for signs at the entrance to these parking areas. There is no time limit.
Metered Parking: 3-hour and 6-hour metered parking is available in several public parking lots:
  • South Main Lot, south of the rail tracks, 3-hour meters and 6-hour meters
  • Crescent/Glenwood Lot, eastern half, 3-hour meters and 6-hour meters
  • Main/Pennsylvania Lot, at the entrance, 3-hour meters
  • Union Pacific West Lot, 3-hour meters

Parking Permits:

  • Visit the Village Cashier’s Office: Sign up for hangtag-style permits for designated portions of public parking lots at the Village Cashier’s Office, first floor of the Civic Center, 535 Duane Street, (phone: 630-547-5235). Annual and quarterly rates are available. These permits can be shared among employees working different schedules. The permit allows a holder to park in any available space within the designated lot assigned on the permit.
  • Employee Discounts: Reduced rates are available for employee parking permits in the western half of the Crescent/Glenwood Lot west of Main Street, and in a portion of the Main/Pennsylvania Lot immediately behind the fire station which is designated for employee use only.
  • Businesses Get Priority: There is a wait list to obtain parking permits. Downtown businesses are given priority on the wait list for parking permits.
Leased Parking: Business owners can lease a specific space for their exclusive business use in the Main/Pennsylvania Lot (closest to Anthony Street). A parking space leased by a business owner can be shared with employees.
Daily Parking for $2.00: The Duane/Lorraine Lot west of the Public Library parking lot accommodates daily parking using a pay box. Parkers using this lot enjoy walking along the Prairie Path to access the central business district. Note your parking space number and insert $2.00 into the appropriate slot at the pay box conveniently located along the Prairie Path next to Library building at the Prospect Avenue crossing.
Free 4-Hour On-Street Parking: Signs post free 4-hour parking along certain residential streets peripheral to the central business district, including portions of Anthony Street, Forest Avenue, and Hillside Avenue. Employees can use these on-street spaces and still experience only a short walk to work.

Customer-Friendly Store Hours

The Village encourages and supports the initiative of downtown retailers who participate in core hours and encourages newly recruited businesses to participate.
Customer-friendly store hours are:

Monday-Wednesday, and Friday 10-6
Thursday 10-8
Saturday 9-5
Sunday 12-4
Sidewalk Maintenance
Year round upkeep of sidewalks in commercial districts is the responsibility of property owners. As a practical measure, attention to the appearance of sidewalks fronting businesses is most often a detail for business owners to ensure convenient, attractive and safe access for their customers.

Snow and Ice Removal on Sidewalks

In the pedestrian-oriented downtown, the Village has snow management procedures described in a Village Public Works Department brochure, click here to view brochure. When snow has fallen to a depth of 3 or more inches, Village Public Works staff will clear a 4-foot wide path on all central business district sidewalks. Clearing the remaining snow on the sidewalk, including opening pathways for shoppers from parked vehicles at the curb, is the responsibility of the property owner. If a property owner does not follow through, the storefront tenants should undertake this maintenance. Clearing sidewalks during a winter event of under 3 inches of accumulation rests with the property owners, or in their absence, their storefront tenants. In addition, business owners should maintain ice free conditions in front of their businesses through salting.
To view the Village Planning & Development Department brochure of business regulations for outdoor signs, merchandise and balloons, click here. For additional information, call the Village Planning & Development Department at 630-547-5250.
Temporary Banners
Used to advertise special events and allowed only on the private property of the business, permit with fee required. To view Village application form, click here.
Outdoor Displays
Business owners' needs to draw attention and the community’s desire for high quality appearance in commercial districts are balanced in Village codes. Outdoor displays, (including tents, promotional activities, and outdoor merchandise sales, display or storage) are generally not allowed unless a Special Use Permit has been granted. The process to request a Special Use Permit involves a public hearing conducted by the Plan Commission, and approval by the Village Board, application fee applies. This is a one-time approval process with no need for annual renewal. To view the Village Planning & Development Department Special Use Permit Application Packet, click here.
Outdoor Seating License
The Village offers an annual license for restaurants that wish to provide outdoor seating for patrons. Outdoor seating on the public sidewalk or public property requires approval of the Outdoor Sidewalk Cafe Application to Allow Tables and Chairs in the Public Right of Way FILLABLE .
Outdoor seating is allowed on private property with certain restrictions (Section 10-5-15 of Zoning Code)
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