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What do the long range Village plans show as an appropriate use of this site?

The Main Street parking lot is one of the key opportunity sites identified in the 2001 Comprehensive Plan and the 2009 Downtown Strategic Plan. Both plans recommend mixeduse commercial and residential development of the Main Street parking lot portion of the site. While neither of these plans incorporate the Giesche property into their recommendation, the property was not available when the abovementioned long-range plans were drafted. 

The market study conducted as part of the 2009 Downtown Strategic Plan recommends that the Village add a minimum of 450 new dwelling units to the downtown to support the existing businesses and increase the vitality of the central business district. The 2013 Streetscape and Parking Study also recommends that the Village partner with a developer to construct a parking garage in the downtown through a public private partnership, rather than constructing a standalone garage, to maximize the Village’s opportunities and reduce Village construction costs. The study identified the Main Street parking lot as one of three preferred sites to incorporate a parking structure as part of a private development on the south side of the tracks. The proposed project would meet these and a number of other goals outlined in the Village’s various long-term plans.

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1. Where is the Apex 400 project located?
2. What do the long range Village plans show as an appropriate use of this site?
3. How long has this site been vacant?
4. What are the current commercial vacancy percentages in the downtown?
5. What type of public outreach was conducted surrounding this project?
6. What does the residential component of the project entail?
7. Is there a need for this type of housing in the Village?
8. Has the Village rejected previous development proposals for the site?
9. What is the commercial component of this development?
10. Will the Village lose any parking as a result of this project?
11. How long will the parking structure at this location be under construction?
12. Is the Village selling the Main Street parking lot land to the developer?
13. How will the public be able to access the first floor public parking?
14. Why is the Village not requesting additional public parking to be provided?
15. Has a traffic analysis been performed to identify the impact of increased traffic from the proposed development?
16. Were the traffic studies conducted on atypical days when some schools had not yet begun?
17. How is the building height in comparison to others in the downtown?
18. Are the number of zoning requests for this project typical?
19. Is the size of the building appropriate for the site?
20. Does the building meet the Village’s Appearance Guidelines?
21. Will sunlight be diminished on the street as a result of the development?
22. Will the project result in the loss of commercial square footage in the downtown?
23. How much is the Developer expecting to invest and what is the financial impact to the Village of Glen Ellyn?
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