2012 Fall Official Selections (Adult Category)
Charmaine Fair - Snowfall Walk

Don Johansen - Lake Ellyn

Mark Rosenbaum - Team

Patrick Ryan - The Next Inbound Train is Now Arriving, You and Your Shadow Better Hurry and Get your Coffee!

Mark Rosenbaum - Band


Theresa Cramer - Tree Lighting

Tim O'Brien - Eagle at Willowbrook Wildlife Center


Charmaine Fair- Bicycle at the Prairie Path

Frank Kelly - Smile in the Leaves


Mark Rosenbaum - Mud
2012 Fall Official Selections (Youth Category)

Jack Morgan - All Aboard!

Olyvia Chinchilla - GE Ivy Apartments

Sydney Elvart - Sheep DuPage County Fair

Madelyn Elvart - Red Tail

Olyvia Chinchilla - GE Paisley