2015 Fall Official Selections
Heather Willis - Night Walks

V.M. Vassolo - Lake Ellyn Blue Heron

Theresa Cramer - Peace


Andrew Van Gorp - Rebirthed Through Smoke

Jim Hall - Prairie Path in Winter

Melanie Andrews - Squirrel Enjoying the Bird Food in Our Yard

Sarah Voet - Our Garden


Renee Heller - Fall

Roberta Wheatley - Lighting the Way Down Taylor Ave. on Christmas

Theresa Cramer - Autumn meets Winter
2015 Fall Official Selections (Youth Category)

Craig Chinchilla Jr. - Silence Rests at the Doorstep

Emma Dieter - Charlie Brown's Third Christmas

Jennifer Doran - Lilac Skies

Miles Evans - First Snow

Jennifer Doran - Reading Arches