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The Building Permit Application form is available at the Planning & Development Department service counter, or on the Village Website, or by clicking HERE. The application is intended to apply to typical construction projects however, some sections may not be applicable to your work or additional information may be required for special conditions. The application includes some general project questions that provide us with the information necessary to quickly and accurately process the application. Contact information is required for the primary project participants for general communications, plan reviews, and notifications.
A project specific Building Permit Application is available for some small common projects such as a fence.  These applications require only the necessary information and identify the applicable regulations and provide direction for the specific project.
The application requires the estimated total project cost and interior remodeling cost. Based on the total project, certain building and Illinois Accessibility Code improvements may be required.
The application requires that certain contractors register with the Village to insure that they are licensed to complete the work, have the minimum required insurance coverage, and have secured a performance bond. Contractor registration requirements do not apply to property owners personally performing work on their property, or to contractors doing work that does not require a building permit, or to unlicensed contractors subcontracted to a registered general contractor. 
The application must be signed and certified by the property owner and building permit applicant to insure that they understand and agree to comply with all applicable Village Code requirements.
Each Building Permit Application must include construction plans and documents that indicate the location, nature and extent of the work in sufficient detail to verify it will comply with the applicable codes and regulations. These plans and documents must be prepared and certified by a Illinois State licensed architect or structural engineer, except when the project does not include structural or significant life safety work as determined by the Building Official. The type and quantity of submittals required for some typical projects are listed on the Minimum Plan Review Submission Requirements, and submittal procedures are further explained on the Project Submission Procedures. These forms are only intended as a guide for the initial application submittal. Additional submittals, if any, will be identified upon the first plan review.
Plan Review and Approval
The Planning & Development Department staff completes all plan reviews for new and altered existing single-family dwellings and all work on residential properties.  A plan review letter is generated by staff and sent to the person(s) indicated on the Building Permit Application. For new and altered existing commercial buildings the plan reviews are completed by professional consultants and processed through the Planning & Development Department. The consultants plan review letter is sent directly to the person(s) indicated on the Building Permit Application.
The plan review letter may identify work that does not comply with the code, identify work that requires further detail or information to verify compliance, or find that the work appears to comply with the code. Plans and documents that are revised and resubmitted for subsequent plan reviews must indicate the sheets, or work on each sheet, that has been added, deleted, or revised. In the event the applicant and plan reviewer conflict on the interpretation or application of a code provision, the Building Official should be consulted for clarification.
The cycle time required to complete the initial plan review depends upon the number of applications currently in process which generally varies from a high in the spring and summer to a low in the winter.  Projects are reviewed in the order they are received unless the submittal lacks a complete application or adequate plans and documentation. The review of resubmitted plans and documents and the initial review of small projects are prioritized and expedited. Some simple small projects are reviewed over the counter and a building permit may be issued at the same time.
Fees and Deposits
After all required submittals have been received, the plan review has been completed, the plans appear to be in compliance, and all contractors are registered, the fees and deposits for the building permit are calculated. A permit clerk will call the person indicated on the Building Permit Application and advise them of the fee and deposit amount. Fees and deposits may be paid by personal check or credit card at the Planning & Development Department service counter. Upon payment the applicant will receive a receipt, the Building Permit, and one set of the final reviewed plans and documents that must be available for reference on the project site at all times.
The permit fees and deposits for all types of projects may be found in Section 4-1-4 of the Village Code or on the Village of Glen Ellyn Fee & Deposit Schedule. Permit fees are charged to cover Village expenses for permit process administration, plan reviews and construction inspections. Deposits are charged to cover damages to public property and are 100% refunded if no damages or loss are incurred during construction as determined after the final inspection is completed.
The required construction inspections for any project are determined by the type and scope of work. Construction inspections may be completed by the Planning & Development Department staff or technical consultants, or the Public Works Department staff. The required inspections will be indicated on the Building Permit. It is the property owner’s or agent’s responsibility to call for the required inspection when each stage of the work is completed and before the next stage of the work may be started. Work that has not been inspected and is concealed within new walls or floors may require the walls and floors to be opened for inspection. The typical required inspections are listed and described on the Building Permit Inspections form. After all work has been completed, including restoration of the site, a final inspection should be requested and if approved, deposits will be refunded and an Occupancy Permit may be issued.
Complete List of Building Forms and Applications
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