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The Department of Planning and Development administers codes and enforces ordinances associated with development and building safety, including, but not limited to the Zoning Code, the Sign Code, the Subdivision Regulations Code and the Stormwater Ordinance.  Additional information on each of these codes and ordinances can be found below.  Also found below is information on the Appearance Review Guidelines and the Village's Comprehensive Plan.   For more information, please contact the Planning and Development Department at 630-547-5250.
Appearance Review Guidelines
The Appearance Review Guidelines are intended to provide a context for diverse yet harmonious architectural and landscape design.  These guidelines are not standards or formulas but rather principles and approaches that should be applied with understanding and sensitivity, in context of the use of the site, its natural character, nearby buildings, and the streetscape of the adjacent public rights-of-way.  The Appearance Review Guidelines apply to new construction, additions, exterior rehabilitation or exterior remodeling of non-residential, multi-family, townhomes and parking lots.
Building Codes
The Village of Glen Ellyn has adopted many of the ICC International Codes as well as codes and standards developed by other national organizations with amendments specific to Village needs. These codes are adopted to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public and building occupants by establishing the minimum standards to which building structures and their fire protection, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems must be constructed and maintained. Copies of the adopted codes are available for reference in the Planning and Development Department and at the Glen Ellyn Public Library and may be purchased directly from the publishing organizations.
Sign Code
The Village’s Sign Code establishes standards and regulations for the erection, display, safety and maintenance of signs.  A sign permit may be required to install a new sign or repair or replace an existing sign.  Before installing a new sign or repairing or replacing an existing sign, please review the applicable standards and regulations in the Sign Code (located below) and contact the Planning and Development Department at 630-547-5250 with any questions.


The Village allows temporary banner signs to be displayed for special events such as grand openings, with approval of a Banner Permit.  If approved, a temporary banner sign may be displayed for no more than 30 days.  Permission to display a temporary banner sign cannot be granted more than twice a year.  If you would like to display a temporary banner sign, please contact the Planning and Development Department at 630-547-5250 for an application and fee information.


Other special event signs in conformance with the sign code may be allowed with appropriate approvals.  Please contact the department for further information.
Stormwater Ordinance
The Village of Glen Ellyn has adopted the DuPage County Countywide Stormwater and Floodplain Ordinance with amendments specific to Village needs.  The Stormwater Ordinance was adopted by the County and the Village to promote effective, equitable and acceptable stormwater management measures.  The adoption of this ordinance helps to protect persons and property from the effects of flooding, enhances the quality of water resources within the Village and lessens taxpayers’ burden for flood-related disasters. For additional information, please review the DuPage County Countywide Stormwater and Floodplain Ordinance, located below. All stormwater permit applications are reviewed by the Village.
Subdivision Regulations Code
The Village of Glen Ellyn’s Subdivision Regulations Code establishes standards and regulations for the subdivision of property and the construction of public improvements in the Village.  Further, it provides the Village with the authority to review all subdivision projects within 1½ miles of the Village limits.  For additional information, please review the Subdivision Regulations Code or contact the Planning and Development Department at 630-547-5250.
Zoning Code
The Glen Ellyn Zoning Code was adopted with the purpose of protecting and promoting the public health, safety, morals, comfort and general welfare. The fulfillment of this purpose is to be accomplished by seeking:  
  • To establish adequate standards for the provision of light, air and open spaces.
  • To zone all properties with a view to conserving the value of buildings and land and encouraging the most appropriate use of land throughout the Village.
  • To lessen congestion on the public streets, and to facilitate the provision of adequate transportation, and of other public requirements and services such as water, sewage, schools and parks.
  • To avoid hazards to persons and damage to property from inappropriate development of lands and provide for adequate drainage, curbing of erosion and reduction of flood damage.
  • To avoid undue concentration of population and to prevent the overcrowding of land, thereby ensuring proper living and working conditions and preventing the development of blight and slums.
  • To foster a more rational pattern of relationship between residential, business, commercial and industrial uses for the mutual benefit of all.
  • To provide for and preserve appropriate open space.
  • To protect residential, business, commercial and industrial areas alike from harmful encroachment by incompatible uses, and to ensure that land allocated to a class of uses shall not be usurped by other inappropriate uses.
  • To Isolate or control the location of unavoidable nuisance-producing uses.
  • To facilitate the preservation of sites, areas and structures of historical, architectural and aesthetic importance.
  • To establish reasonable standards to which buildings and structures shall conform, and to encourage reasonable flexibility of development design through appropriate innovation.
  • To provide for the regulation of nonconforming buildings, structures and uses.
  • To prevent such additions to, and alterations or remodeling of, existing buildings or structures as would not comply with the restrictions and limitations imposed herein.
  • To define the powers and duties of the administrative and enforcement officers and bodies.
  • To prescribe penalties for any violation of the provisions of this Ordinance, or of any amendment thereto.
  • To implement the objectives of the Village Comprehensive Plan, as well as protect all appropriate existing structures and uses.
Zoning Code and Applications
Design Standards & Mixed Use Regulations
The Village of Glen Ellyn has established additional regulations for commercial development.  These standards and regulations are intended to raise the level of quality for all non-residential and mixed-use development, but within a regulatory structure offering options and flexibility, not strict requirements.  New development is subject to a set of minimum site and building design standards, subject to the Appearance Review Guidelines, Sign Code & Regulations (See Title 4 - Building Regulations > Chapter 5: Sign Code, and Zoning Code.
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