Collaboration with Schools

Glen Ellyn Saves the Monarchs

  • A few second grade students from Ben Franklin Elementary School wrote to Glen Ellyn officials, asking that Glen Ellyn help the dwindling monarch butterfly populations by planting milkweed (caterpillar food). Students learned about the declining monarch numbers, the probable causes for the drastic population plunge, and how they could help. That plea was heard and through a series of meetings and partnerships, butterfly-friendly landscaping has been added to our community. 
  • School District 41, the Village of Glen Ellyn’s Public Works, and the Environmental Commission, along with the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County, the Glen Ellyn Public Library, and the Glen Ellyn Park District teamed together to bring monarch awareness and action to our community. The library hosted educational sessions taught by Forest Preserve staff and milkweed seeds were distributed. Two butterfly gardens were planted in town. Those who volunteered received free plants to take home. In all, over 750 milkweed plants were added to backyards, parks and community spaces. Hundreds of seeds have been planted and many local businesses contributed by putting butterfly-friendly flowers in planters.
  • Efforts will continue to educate and encourage residents and homeowners to add pollinator-friendly plants to their yards. Another emphasis is creating sustainable landscapes that provide ecological, economical, and aesthetical benefits.
  • Over the past twenty years, scientists report that monarch populations have dropped nearly 90%. The primary factors include habitat loss in breeding, migrating and overwintering sites. Climate change and pesticides, coupled with natural risks from disease, predators, and parasites are all taking their toll. Consider adding color and life to your yard. Visit a native plant sale this spring.

Glen Ellyn Saves Monarchs
Chicago Tribune Article on Monarch Butterflies

Informative Links

Growing Glen Ellyn - Gardens for Giving

  • A collaboration between students at Hadley Jr. High School, Glen Ellyn’s Environmental Commission, and the Park District resulted in the beautiful and thoughtfully designed ‘Gardens for Giving’ planted in May of 2015 by Mrs. Hann and her 7th grade students. 
  • The garden is located within the Glen Ellyn Community Garden at Village Green Park on Lambert Road.  The final crop was added to the garden when Mrs. Sanchez’s 1st grade class from Lincoln Elementary School visited on May 20th to plant potatoes, water and pull weeds. Spring and summer rains helped the garden grow and produce a variety of fresh vegetables & herbs for the Glen Ellyn Food Pantry. The garden was even featured as part of the Bridge Community’s Garden Walk where students were on hand to explain the project to curious visitors.
  • The lessons learned were many and provide opportunities for improvement in 2016.  The current ‘crop’ of 7th grade students hope to work with the Park District to research and develop methods for combating weeds, improving soil conditions and determine the best late-season vegetables to include next year. Volunteer communication, coordination and outreach are additional components of the project that will be addressed using experience gained from this inaugural year in Gardens for Giving.

Summer 2015 GE Newsletter

Prairie Path Restoration

Annual Recycling Extravaganza

  • This event normally occurs on a Saturday morning in April in the Commuter Parking Lot at Duane and Lorraine streets, just west of the library. It’s a great opportunity to dispose of items such as scrap metal, tools, hardware, batteries, eyeglasses, ink cartridges, cell phones, bikes, and more!

September 2015: Wall Mural Planning

  • As of December 2015, the Environmental Commission is beginning to work on developing a mural for the wall adjacent to the Prairie Path and Glen Ellyn Metra Station.
  • The Commission hopes to develop a process for adding vibrant art and installations throughout the Village.

Manor Woods: "The Bog" Cleanup

  • There is an ongoing cleanup effort at the Manor Woods Village property locally known as “The Bog”. During winter of 2013, work included cleaning non-essential undergrowth as well as removing 95 large dead trees infected and/or killed by Emerald Ash Borer and Dutch Elm Disease. In winter of 2014, 200 additional dead trees were removed, and in January 2015 weeds including invasive species, thick brush, and debris were removed from the east half of Manor Woods. In 2016, Public Works anticipates the work will continue in the west half of Manor Woods. This multi-year effort will restore an important environmental sanctuary and encourage wildlife of all kinds back to the area.
  • Many residents don’t realize that “the Bog” actually holds the distinction of being a recognized wetland. It was once a natural lake but was drained to build houses in the 1970’s. The Bog serves an important role in storing runoff water during intense storm events, and ultimately can drain into the Village Links golf course property if necessary.


Public Art Initiatives

July 2014: "Bike It!"

  • Bike It! was a project that brought bicycles as art to the public spaces of Glen Ellyn in the summer of 2014. A collection of 12-15 bicycles was on display in the Downtown Business District during June and July 2014. Bike It! sought to build upon the spirit of bicycling and the role of people-centered, non-motorized transit in our suburban environment.
  • Bike It! Press Release
  • Daily Herald Article

July 2015: "GreenSpace"

  • In July 2015, over 16 local retailers partnered with designers, photographers, landscape designers, and artists to transform their storefronts into window installations with environmental messages.
  • Some of the messages interpreted visually included: utilizing solar powered lighting, bringing the Monarchs and other butterflies back to Glen Ellyn, water conservation, minimizing food waste, and recycling/renewing old furniture.
  • The goal of this project was to create an outdoor gallery walk in Downtown Glen Ellyn to be viewed by visitors and residents alike.
  • For more information, contact Adrianne Gregory - Village of Glen Ellyn Environmental Commission 630-404-8295