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Glen Ellyn Grows Green
Going Green - Curbside Composting Takes Off
Composting Fact Sheet
Environmentally Friendly Choices

Gardening Plots

  • For many years, the Glen Ellyn Park District has managed a summer garden plot program at Village Green Park at Lambert Field, 130 South Lambert Road. Traditionally, 80 plots have been available on a first come basis, with preference given to returning garden plot participants. A lottery 2-step process for NEW participants requires a written registration form, due at the Park District headquarters by the first Monday of March. For RETURN gardeners, early return-registration deadline is March 1.
  • Pricing ranges from $30 for a 20’ x 20’ plot to $20 for a 10’ x 10’ plot, and $10 for senior citizen residents.
  • The plots are available May 1 through October 15.
  • This is a great opportunity to grow your own vegetables in the company of other enthusiastic gardeners. GardenWorks also cultivates a plot each summer — this is a non-profit organization that grows crops for donation to area food pantries and families in DuPage County. For more information, visit

At Home

  • Growing an edible garden in your backyard is fun, provides great exercise, and gives residents the opportunity to grow vegetables, flowers, spices, and herbs at a very low cost. Do a little research, visit a nursery for seeds or seedling plants in the spring, and start your own farming experience!
  • GardenWorks provides education, gardening materials and tools, and volunteers to help families learn to grow their own garden plot—whether it is in a backyard, or in a container garden on the balcony of an apartment. This is an economical and fun way to grow food that is nutritious and fresh. For more information, visit



Kayaking on East Branch of DuPage River

  • Canoeists and kayakers can enter the West and East Branch of the DuPage River and Salt Creek at their own risk at any practical location in any forest preserve where the waterways pass with the exception of Oak Meadows.” There must be a life preserver for each person in the watercraft, and anyone under the age of 13 must be wearing the preserver while in the craft, according to the DuPage County Forest Preserve.

Places to Hike

  • There are a number of natural areas to explore nearby, including: Lambert Lake, Newton Park, Sunset Park, Glen Oak County Forest Preserve, Ulhorn/Presidents Park, Glen Oak Park, Churchill Woods, Ackerman Park, Lake Ellyn Park, Memorial Park, Stacy Park, Panfish Park, Village Green park, Russell R. Kirt Prairie, and Walnut Glen Park.

Prairie Path

  • In 2015, Glen Ellyn became the first municipality on the Illinois Prairie Path to install a Bike Repair Station. (We’ve come a far way from fighting the installation of the Prairie Path long ago in an effort to keep the land for parking). Now, the inestimable Prairie Path is one of our Village’s greatest amenities and we are thankful for how it vitalizes our downtown business district. We have access to 61 miles of uninterrupted Prairie Path trail. The trail boasts bathrooms, drinking fountains or water pumps, benches, prairie restorations, Forest Preserve trails, interpretive signs at points of interest, parks, playgrounds, gazebos, informational showcases, and waste receptacles.

Great Western Trail

  • These 17 miles of trail are lined with scenic prairie restorations, shelters, rest areas, and horseback riding. The trail is paved in limestone, providing a smooth riding surface

Sledding at Newton

  • The hill at Newton Park is Glen Ellyn’s only designated sled hill. Unsupervised sledding can occur from dawn until dusk. Users are responsible for determining if the conditions are appropriate for sledding.

Ice Skating at Lake Ellyn, Foxcroft, and Newton Park

  • The ice rinks have a flag or light that lets users know when conditions are appropriate. The ice at Newton is maintained regularly and hockey goals are available. 
Shopping Green


  • As residents of Glen Ellyn, we are lucky to have an abundance of local businesses to shop, eat, and socialize! To save gas and minimize pollution, we can stay local for many of our needs.
  • A number of businesses in the community offer fair trade goods and locally sourced foods.
  • Remember to check tags for “Made in the USA” and local artisan goods. Don’t forget your reusable bag, too!
Organic & Local Choices

Glen Ellyn French Market

  • The French Market is every Sunday from 9 AM to 1:30 PM, May 24th through October 25th. It is located in the parking lot at 426 N Main Street Glen Ellyn.
  • Visit the French Market to find locally grown produce, organic meats, fresh flowers, baked goods, jewelry, and more!

Food Coops

  • A number of food cooperatives have recently developed in the region in response to increasing demand for local, sustainable food. Many Glen Ellyn residents have taken advantage of these progressive options. A quick Internet search of “Food Cooperatives Glen Ellyn” can help you find one that is best for you!


  • CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture”. This refers to a particular network or association of individuals who have pledged to support one or more local farms, with growers and consumers sharing the risks and benefits of food production
  • A number of CSAs in the area have customers in Glen Ellyn, including Heritage Prairie Farm and Nichols Farm & Orchard (delivers to Marcel’s downtown).
Glen Ellyn Park District Policy Manual

View Policy Manual Here

  • This Policy Manual was written using the “Model Environmental Policy” which was developed by the Illinois Parks and Recreation Environmental Committee, and includes several key concepts addressed in the previous environmental policy approved by the Board of Commissioners in February of 2008. This is a working document to assist the District in achieving goals and action items, of which are decided by the Environmental Policy Committee and instituted by staff.