Building permit applications and plans may be submitted electronically and will be processed in the following way:

  1. Application forms can be found on the Village’s website.
  2. Customers shall submit all required documents email to Failure to submit documents to this email address will cause a delay in plan review and permit processing.
  3. All documents must be received in .pdf format to allow viewing by staff.
  4. Staff will process applications and contact the applicant with any questions or requests for additional information.
  5. Resubmittals can also be filed electronically.
  6. For permit fee payment, customers can call the Community Development Department with their credit card information over the phone, place a check in the mail or in the drop box at the Community Development Department.
  7. The permit placard and approved documents will be emailed (if applicable) or can be picked up at the Community Development Permit Counter.

While digital plans are accepted for plan review, the submittal of at least 2 paper copies of full size plans for all commercial projects and new single-family homes prior to permit issuance is still required. As usual, both sets of plans will be stamped approved; one copy will be retained for the Village files and one copy will be provided to the applicant. A Village-approved print set must still be maintained at the construction site at all times during the course of the project. Failure to produce the approved set for inspector review at the time of inspection will be cause for failure of the inspection..


Each Building Permit Application must include construction plans and documents that indicate the location on a Plat of Survey, and the nature and extent of the work in sufficient detail to verify it will comply with the applicable codes and regulations. These plans and documents must be prepared and certified by an Illinois State licensed architect or structural engineer, except when the project does not include structural or significant life safety work as determined by the Building Official.

The type and quantity of submittals required for some typical projects are listed on the Minimum Plan Review Submission Requirements (see page 2 of the Building Permit Application (PDF), Submittal procedures are further explained on the Project Submission Procedures (PDF).  These forms are only intended as a guide for the initial application submittal. Additional submittals, if any, will be identified upon the first plan review.