Plan Review & Approval


In general, the Community Development Department staff performs most plan reviews for new and altered existing single-family dwellings and work on residential properties. Occasionally, plan reviews are sent out to professional consultants for review. A plan review letter is sent to the person(s) indicated on the Building Permit Application.

For new and altered existing commercial buildings the plan reviews are completed by professional consultants and/or Village staff and processed through the Community Development Department. The consultants plan review letter is sent directly to the person(s) indicated on the Building Permit Application.

Identifications Made During Plan Reviews

The plan review letter may identify work on the submitted plans that does not comply with the codes, identify work that requires further detail or information to verify compliance or approve that the work appears to comply with the code. Plans and documents that are revised and resubmitted for subsequent plan reviews must indicate the sheets, or work on each sheet, that has been added, deleted, or revised.

Submitting a Re-Review & Conflicts in Interpretation

A letter summarizing the responses to review comments and revisions to the plans is required. Full sets of revised plans must be submitted for re-review. In the event the applicant and plan reviewer conflict on the interpretation or application of a code provision, the Building Official should be consulted for clarification.

Cycle Time

The cycle time required to complete the initial plan review depends upon the number of applications currently in process and may vary seasonally. Projects are reviewed in the order they are received unless the submittal lacks a complete application or adequate plans and documentation. The review of resubmitted plans and documents and the initial review of small projects are prioritized and will take less time to review than the original review.

Simple Projects

Some simple small projects are reviewed at the time of submission and a building permit may be issued at that time. These residential building applications could be fence, hot water heater, furnace and air conditioning replacement.