Fees & Deposits

All new construction, additions, alterations and remodeling and any project with a project cost of over $15,000 will require Plan Review fees to be collected at the time of application. Additionally, any Wireless Telecommunications Facility Project will also require plan review fee payment at the time of application.

Submitting an Application

Please Note: Do not send a courier with the application, plans and a completed check unless the Community Development Department has been contacted to verify the plan review fees in advance and the correct application to complete.

Calculation of Fees & Deposits

Total building fees and refundable deposits are calculated after all required submittals have been received, plan reviews have been completed and approved, the plans appear to be in compliance, and all contractors are registered. A Permit Clerk will contact the person indicated on the Building Permit Application and advise them of the fee and deposit amount. Fees may be paid by personal check or credit card at the Community Development Department service counter.

Post-Payment Details

Refundable deposit fees must be paid by personal check or cash. Upon payment, the applicant will receive a receipt, the Building Permit, and two sets of the final reviewed plans and documents. One set of the approved plans must be kept at the job site for reference at all times.

Fee Schedule & Code Information

The permit fees and refundable deposits for all types of projects may be found in Section 4-1-4 of the Village Code or on the Village of Glen Ellyn Fee and Deposit Schedule (PDF). Permit fees are charged to cover Village expenses for permit process administration, plan reviews and construction inspections. Refundable deposits are charged to cover damages to public property and are 100% refunded if no damages or loss are incurred during construction as determined after the final inspection is completed.