Branch & Brush

Brush and Branch collection occurs once a month starting in May and ending in October of each year. Please follow the regulations for branch and brush collection. If you have any additional questions, please contact the Village at 630-469-5000.

Area Collection 

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Material must be placed out at the curb by 7 a.m. on Monday the week of collection, but it may take several days for pick-up. The pick-up schedule is as follows:

Collection occurs on the second Monday of the month for Hill Avenue and north of Hill Avenue. 

Collection occurs on the third Monday of the month for homes located south of Hill Avenue.

  • May 9-12: Hill Ave & North
  • May 16-19: South of Hill Ave
  • June 13-16: Hill Ave & North
  • June 20-23: South of Hill Ave
  • July 11-14: Hill Ave & North
  • July 18-21: South of Hill Ave
  • August 8-11: Hill Ave & North
  • August 15-18: South of Hill Ave
  • September 12-15: Hill Ave & North
  • September 19-22: South of Hill Ave
  • October 10-13: Hill Ave & North
  • October 17-21: South of Hill Ave



Please follow the guidelines for branch and brush collection. Any pile found to be non-compliant will be skipped and will need to be corrected before being placed out for the NEXT collection date. Brush piles that are skipped must be removed from the parkway until the following collection date or may be subject to citation. Brush collection crews will make only one pass in each neighborhood. Brush put out after crews have passed will not be collected.

  • No stickers needed
  • Material should NOT be bundled or be put in containers or be put in yard waste bags. 
  • Branches may not exceed 10 inches in diameter
  • Only branches from trees and shrubs will be eligible for collection
  • Branches should be neatly stacked, in manageable piles, on the parkway with the cut ends (butt ends) facing the same direction.  Care should be given to not block or obstruct pedestrian traffic on the sidewalk or have anything hanging over the curb into the street.
  • Brush pile may not contain yard waste.  Flower stalks, garden waste, vines, leaves, plants, and clippings are considered yard waste and should be disposed of using the yard waste collection program Yard Waste | Glen Ellyn, IL
  • Brush pile may not contain stumps, roots, or dirt. Any material from below ground will be non-compliant and result in the pile being skipped.
  • Brush pile may not contain foreign objects such as construction wood, dimensional lumber, branches with nails or spikes, wooden fence pieces, dirt, etc.

If your pile is found to be non-compliant a door hanger will be left at your residence with an explanation as to why it was skipped.  Collection crews will not sort through piles to pull out material that is non-compliant.  Any further questions can be directed to the Public Works Department at 630-469-6756.