Capital Improvements Commission

Current Commission Members

Stephen Szymanski, Chair
Joel Baldin
Arthur Foerster
Orion Galey
Michael Lindquist
John MacDonald
Adil Saeed
Jill Ziegler
Rocco Zucchero

Trustee Liaison: Donna Jean Simon
Staff Liaison: Rich Daubert, Professional Engineer and Dave Buckley, Director of Public Works

Intent & Purpose

  • To study and develop plans for the capital improvements necessary to provide municipal services to the citizens of the Village.
  • To update multi-year Capital Improvement Program as necessary and prepare Comprehensive Report on capital needs.

Duties & Responsibilities

The Capital Improvements Commission (CIC) is an advisory body to the Village of Glen Ellyn Board of Trustees. The CIC is comprised of nine commissioners who are appointed for three year terms. The Village Public Works Director, Professional Engineer and a liaison from the Village Board are permanent non-voting members of the CIC. The purpose of the CIC is to study and develop plans for capital improvements necessary to provide municipal infrastructure and services to the citizens of Glen Ellyn by performing the following duties.

Identifying Capital Expenditure Services & Programs

The CIC has the authority to identify needs and requirements and make recommendations concerning public infrastructure in the general areas of:

  • Stormwater management
  • Transportation
  • Wastewater conveyance and treatment
  • Water system operations
  • Other public works related matters

Specific areas and elements of interest include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Multi-use paths
  • Parkways
  • Pavement markings
  • Roadways
  • Sanitary sewers and appurtenances
  • Sidewalks
  • Storm sewers and appurtenances
  • Street lighting
  • Traffic control devices and signage
  • Utility under-grounding
  • Water mains and appurtenances
  • Any other service or program requiring capital expenditures relating to public infrastructure

Reviewing Capital Expenditure Services & Programs

In considering changes to existing Village public works facilities and services, the CIC takes into account all pertinent studies and plans, including the official comprehensive plan, stormwater master plan, long-term street capital improvement plan, and long-term water and sanitary sewer improvement plan. The CIC also obtains input and information from appropriate Village staff, representatives from other municipalities and agencies, consultants and other experts.

Considering Funding Options

In the course of program review, the CIC considers funding options available to implement new programs or any proposed changes to existing programs. The identification of funding options available may necessitate input from the Village Finance Director and any other Village staff or third party professionals (as appropriate). Recommendations for the implementation of capital expenditures shall include a timetable, an enumeration of the financial requirements involved and contemplated funding sources for such capital improvements.

Reviewing Design Exception Requests

Citizen applications for exceptions from design criteria and policies associated with the reconstruction of roadways in the Village of Glen Ellyn, as outlined in resolution 01-12 or as modified by the Village Board, are considered by the CIC in a public meeting. The CIC receives staff and public input, makes a written finding of facts and submits same with its recommendation to the Village Board of Trustees to approve or deny the exception request.

Conducting Annual Updates of Capital Improvement Plans

The CIC reviews updates to the long-term plans for stormwater, street, water and sanitary sewer improvements. Reviews will be conducted annually or as requested or necessary. Such reviews include:

  1. Realized / projected costs of projects
  2. Scheduled completion dates
  3. Necessity for program changes
  4. The fiscal health of the long-term capital project and water / sanitary sewer funds.

Typically, the CIC holds a public forum annually to obtain citizen input and comments to assist in determining if modifications to the plan(s) are warranted or necessary

Meeting Details

The Capital Improvements Commission meets the 2nd Tuesday of the Month at 7:00 PM at the Glen Ellyn Civic Center.

Agendas & Minutes

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