Clearwater Inspections

The Village's clearwater removal program was implemented to reduce the amount of clearwater (rainwater) improperly entering the sanitary sewer system, thereby reducing the strain on the system during major rain events. During a major storm, clearwater entering sanitary sewers can overload the system causing sewage to backup into homes. Additionally, clearwater does not need to be treated the same as sanitary waters and any amount diverted from the wastewater plant reduces the overall cost to the Village for treatment.

Schedule an Inspection

Village code 3-42-15 requires an inspection to be made whenever a Real Estate Transfer Stamp is required (e.g. sale of property, title transfer, putting your deed into trust, refinancing, etc.). The inspection is to see if the building has a sump pump, and that the sump pump is not illegally connected to the sanitary sewers. The inspection must be performed before the Village can issue a Real Estate Transfer Stamp. 

Contact Us

For scheduling an inspection, call Public Works at (630)469-6756 and select the option for clearwater appointments.