Heavy Storms

Most of Glen Ellyn's flooding and drainage problems occur during and after heavy storms. Storms can happen at any time, but especially in spring and summer. Floods can happen fast, so here are some suggestions to prepare:

  • Copy your most important papers and keep the copies in your home and place the originals outside your home in a secure place like a safety deposit box. These papers may include:
    • Bank and credit card information
    • Deeds
    • Mortgage papers
    • Passport
  • Go through your basement, if not your entire house, and take photos of your most valuable possessions (furniture, musical instruments, electronic equipment, etc.). Save receipts for any expensive household items, such as appliances and electronics, to have proof of their cost.
  • Keep storm sewer inlets and drainage ditches clear of debris, including leaves and grass clippings.
  • Make sure your sump pump is working.
  • Monitor potential flood hazards on local radio, television or on the internet.