Water & Sewer Billing

The Village of Glen Ellyn obtains its water supply from Lake Michigan. The water first travels through the City of Chicago water system, then the DuPage Water Commission system, before arriving in Glen Ellyn.

The Operations Division within the Public Works Department is responsible for monitoring the distribution and storage of potable water and ensuring that the Village’s water and sewer infrastructure remain operational. More information on this can be found here

The DuPage Water Commission is regulated by a 12-member Board of Directors, comprised of representatives and a chairman appointed by DuPage County and representatives appointed by municipal mayors. For more information on the Commission or Lake Michigan water, please visit the DuPage Water Commission’s website

Glen Ellyn residents are charged for water and sewer usage on a monthly basis via the Village Services Bill.

Within Village:

per 1,000 gallons
per 1,000 gallons
Outside Village:

per 1,000 gallons
per 1,000 gallons
Non-metered  sewer$45.30per month

In addition, all sewer customers of the Village are assessed a flat monthly fee of $3.00 for the purpose of funding sewer and stormwater infrastructure repairs and improvements.

For information regarding payment and late fees related to water and sewer services, please visit the Services Bill page