2024 Water & Sewer Rates

In June 2023, the Village Board approved updated water and sewer rates for the first time in five years to ensure a safe and up-to-date water supply and high-quality sanitary system. 

The Water and Sewer Fund is supported solely through fees related to  the operation of the systems including costs for capital improvements, regulatory compliance, and the purchase of the water itself. Over this period, the cost to purchase water from the DuPage Water Commission has risen by 10.5% and will continue to rise. The fixed costs related to operating, maintaining, repairing and replacement of system components comprise about 60% of the annual expenses required to keep the systems operational. 

In 2024, the Village will spend $4.7 million on water purchased from DuPage Water Commission and $3.9 million on sewer treatment costs, in addition to a combined capital investment of $11.1 million.  

The Village takes great pride in being budget savvy, while also maintaining compliance and ensuring that the water and sanitary needs are being met. In order to continue to meet these standards, the Village began working with a consultant in 2022 to perform a water and sewer rate study. This independent review analyzed the Village’s budget, financial reserves, customer  information, the resources needed to maintain and operate the water and sanitary systems, and additional data. The study concluded that water and  sewer rate increases were necessary to maintain financial stability. 

Based on the recommendations, the basic structure of the fees will change:

• Currently, there is a 2,000 gallon minimum rate fee per month for water, but not for sewer. The new rate structure will no longer include a minimum usage requirement for water.

• New fixed fees will be added to bills based on water meter size and will be charged monthly regardless of usage. A fixed fee allows the Village to better meet the rising costs of operating and maintaing its water and sewer infrastructure, as budgets would be less impacted by years of low or high-water demand. In the next five years, the Village plans to invest $21.5 million into its water system and $8.5 million into its sewer system infrastructure. 

The average household uses approximately 4,000 gallons per month with an average utility bill of $71.44. In 2024, the average bill is expected to increase by 3.9% or $2.76. Water and sewer rates are reviewed annually, with an expectation of future rate increases and an increase in the fixed component of the bill in order to more closely align with the fixed costs that are incurred to operate the water and sanitary system. This will ensure that the Village can continue to provide safe, clean drinking water and handle the sanitary needs of the residents and businesses of Glen Ellyn. 

Listed below are the rates that will be applied to water and sewer used beginning 11/16/23; which will be reflected on the January 2024 utility bills:


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