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Posted on: May 15, 2023

Sustainable Summer in Glen Ellyn

Sustainable Summer GE (1)

The Village of Glen Ellyn wants to help residents enjoy a sustainable summer!   The Village is offering two limited time incentives that can help residents reduce waste and water usage, create a more environmentally friendly yard, and save money.  Residents may participate in one or both programs, but space is limited, and timely sign-ups are required.

 Summer of Curbside CompostingCurbside Compost Credit (2)

If you haven’t yet taken advantage of the Village’s Curbside Composting Program, now is the time!  The Village is offering a one time incentive to residents who are NEW registrants.  

Food waste is the single largest category of material placed in our landfills, taking up 30% of landfill space!  But Glen Ellyn's Curbside Composting Program allows residents to divert organic waste to a regional composting facility. This process helps to create healthier soil, plants and crops, conserve and filter water, reduce the need for chemical fertilizers and suppress plant disease and pests.  

The Curbside Composting Program also accepts yard cuttings and leaves, saving residents the cost and hassle of yard waste bags.

How it works:

  1. Sign up for the Village’s Curbside Composting Program by June 30, 2023 - choosing the size receptacle to suit your household
  2. After 3 months of paid service, the Village will provide a credit for 3 months to residents’ Village utility account.        


Monthly Subscription

Maximum Credit for 3 months

35 gallon

65 gallon

95 gallon








This incentive is limited to the first 50 residents to register.  

Residents must commit to a full 12 months of service.  

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Why and What to Compost?

Benefits of Composting


Summer of Earth-Friendly Yards

Earth Friendly Yards (2)

Free Consultation and “Conservation @ Home” Certification Incentive in collaboration with The Conservation Foundation 

The Village of Glen Ellyn is collaborating with The Conservation Foundation, a local nonprofit organization, to help grow sustainable landscaping practices and yards in Glen Ellyn. 

A majority of homeowners in Glen Ellyn have “traditional” lawns consisting primarily of grass and conventional flowers. However, a more economically and environmentally sustainable choice is to “plant with purpose:” creating a home greenspace by converting part or all of a traditional lawn to a sustainable yard.   Studies have found numerous benefits of this landscaping approach, including reduced overall yard maintenance time and cost, reduced flooding risk, reduced soil erosion, reduced chemical use and runoff as water pollution, and reduced air pollution, as well as increased carbon storage and increased habitat for pollinators. 

Homeowners will have the opportunity to convert part or all of their traditional lawn to sustainable landscapes through the “Conservation @ Home” program offered by The Conservation Foundation.  

The Conservation Foundation can help residents with:

  • Explanation of the benefits of sustainable landscaping and yards
  • A free consultation at your home to help you determine suitable native plants for your yard, and where to purchase them locally
  • Certification of your yard as a "Conservation @ Home" property.   
  • The Village of Glen Ellyn is sponsoring the $50 fee for yard certification for the first 50 residents to complete the process.

 Learn more about The Conservation Foundation at

How it Works

  1. Contact The Conservation Foundation by June 30, 2023 to sign up for participation in the GE Summer of Earth-Friendly Yards program.
  2. The Conservation Foundation will provide a free home visit to advise residents on what to plant where, as well as additional assistance to find suitable plants.  
  3. Installation of plants and associated labor is at the expense of the homeowner.
  4. Residents will register their home for certification in the “Conservation @ Home” Program with The Conservation Foundation at a cost of $50.  The fee will be waived for the first 50 Glen Ellyn residents.  To waive the fee, certification must take place by September 30, 2023.
  5. Ineligibility: The use of certain chemicals negates many of the benefits of native plants.  
    1. Residents who utilize “barrier-treatment” mosquito sprays which include neonicotinoids will be ineligible for reimbursement.  Such sprays are lethal to pollinators and therefore negate the benefits that the native plants would provide.
    2. It is requested that residents also commit to reduced yard herbicide use.  The Conservation Foundation can provide a list of alternative yard treatment services and companies.

 traditional lawns sus summer 23

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