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Has the state of Illinois created a 5G Task Force?

State Senator Suzy Glowiak Hilton (24th District) filed legislation in January to create a State 5G Task Force to identify any major health risks associated with the proliferation of 5G infrastructure.  Although a subject matter hearing was held, the legislation has not proceeded and no task force has been organized by State government.

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1. Does Federal law regulate the power of telecommunications equipment?
2. Does Federal law limit the authority for municipalities to regulate the operating power of telecommunications antennas?
3. Can the Village pass a moratorium on all 5G applications?
4. Is NEPA review required prior to every installation of telecommunications equipment?
5. Does State law limit the ability for municipalities to regulate where small wireless facilities are located?
6. What can the Village do to regulate small wireless facilities?
7. The Village Board approved additional restrictions to assist in regulating small wireless facilities summarized as follows:
8. What can local residents do to enforce FCC regulations on radiation frequency exposure limits and effective radiated power limits?
9. Has the state of Illinois created a 5G Task Force?
10. Where can I learn more information about 5G wireless?
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